According to the BBC, shortly after the showing of their series ‘The Monastery’ & ‘The Convent’ the website had a record number of hits (contacts).
Most people will be aware of one or two major monasteries mainly through travelling the ‘tourist routes’ through Yorkshire etc. But, scattered around this country & abroad are monasteries of varying sizes. There are a number of one-person sites run by ‘anchorites’ in and around Newtown. I am particular interested in a small monastery called ‘St Barnabas the Encourager’ at Lower Bryn Mawr. It is the home of Dorothy & Bryan Scrivener.
Bryan and Dorothy came from Kings Heath, a small district of Birmingham, just a few miles away from where we once lived.
A little known fact is that Bryan was the originator of the now countrywide scheme called ‘Community Transport’. His wife Dorothy is a very accomplished artist and also author of a wonderful book called ‘Mud, Paint and Prayer’.
To find out more about them and keep up to date why not visit their new website (hosted from Birmingham) .