Sunday 10 December was a date we had looked forward to for a long time. This was the annual 'Christmas Meditation' at the Bleddfa Centre in Powys. We were very keen to get a place as it was to be the final time that it was to be lead by James Roose Evans.
The meditation opened in the black darkness of a converted barn. Slowly James spoke of the beauty of the darkness, a time actually filled with life itself. Every night for years he has walked in the darkness, listening, and hearing the shift and shuffle of insects, birds and creatures. He said you can almost hear things growing if you take time to listen.
Every people group in the world has at one time considered LIGHT to be of great importance. Christians will read again this Christmas of 'a light coming into this world'. That same light is, they believe Jesus - the Light of the World. This light comes after long waiting. It is the light that comes after the struggles of the dark just before dawn.
A single candle was lit in the room which in its frailty went out and had to be relit. Light is always fragile. From this single light many other candles were lit. Soon the room was lit up, revealing parcels large and small to be shared.
James mentioned one of the Gospels starts with a long list of people names. These all add up to a long time of waiting. Even when Mary became aware of the movement of her new baby she still had to WAIT for 9 months. After that many years of just growing up until at the age of 30 the speed picks up.