Following the 'rejection' of two painting for the Christmas 'OPEN' exhibtion at the RBSA (Royal Birmingham Society of Artists) I made a mad dash into Birmingham from Wales. I say mad dash - it was more of a slow walk. To begin with a vehicle had hit the bridge again at Machynlleth. Evenually coaches were sent to rescue us. From the coach windows I saw field after field flooded like vast broken lakes. From Shrewsbury by train the message came that it would be a very slow journey due to '~#*!"%$^&* on the track' (it had been pollen during the hot summer!). So from leaving th house at 8.00am I arrived in Brum at close to 12.00 noon.

I was so pleased to see the exhibition that had rejected me! (It's not as bad as it seems, as space is at a premium and paintings are increasing in number.) To be rejected from this show was no problem - the standard is superb, probably the highest standard I have seen for an 'Open'.

The thing that suprises me each time I go to Brum (my home for over 60 years) is how I just can't wait to leave it... and I have always been a massive fan of Brum. The traffic is scary, the people are everywhere, ever increasing. Generally folks are not so helpful .

It was good to see the light were Christmas based once again.

I love getting back on the train, any train as long as it points towards Shrewsbury (it's a new art form, believe me). The best part is still to come ... seeing the green and the hills again. Even in the carriage things relax and people chatter.