Church over the Iron Bridge

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I wanted to have that feel of Autumn, the warm glow, the soft, mellow feel of the close of the year. As the painting progressed I became aware of wanting to paint a kind of blanket stitch, or an applique, to join each of the pieces of fabric that seemed to be growing on the canvas. I lost my nerve, but continued to develop the idea of a flat picture made up of pieces of glorious colour. as a school teacher I once read a wonderful book called 'The Memory Quilt' in which the grandmother told stories from each section of a quilt, each piece was made from a memory, an old dress, curtains at the 'old house', a gift, a treasure etc.
I remember developing a wonderful set of lessons in Lower Juniors about an old wall, just wondering what each brick had seen happen over many hundreds of years.
As a painting I find it deeply satisfying .... but the WHY remains a mystery, as it often does.
Why do I like this painting and not this one is a good bit of gymnastics for a spare moment!