Maggie said 'Did you see the sky?' - acrylic - sold

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This picture came out of an amazing sequence of wild weather where every day was an adventure.
The symbols in the picture became clear to me only after painting a number of other canvases. The sky shows the wild uncontrolled glory of God. The sky was painted in a way where I had little control over how the paint would finally settle. It became more & more obvious to me that the symbols of the two cedar trees were pictures of the Holy Spirit ... I suppose like 'flames of fire'. In the background, as in many of my English paintings(!) are the shape of the Malvern Hills. As I have said before, this was the closest I could easily get to Wales on the bus/train from Birmingham ... and a bumpy, proper landscape. The rest of the canvas is filled with images and colours of 'plenty', 'abundance', and follow on from a painting called 'The Valleys stand so thick with corn'. Again I became aware of images that began to mean for me 'abundance' ... sheep, bursting fat cabbages, fields, poppies and rows of crops, often with lavender.