PASTORAL - 18" x 24" - acrylic - SOLD

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This is a one of a small series of 'sheep' paintings, often very different in style.
The starter for this painting followed from one inspired by a view through the chapel window of the retreat centre of 'Ffald-Y-Brennin (Sheepfold of the King). It was the start of a new century, very cold and incredibly windy. The communion service in the chapel was the end of a wonderful few days set in the inspiring countryside of Pembrokeshire.
Through the circular window of the chapel I watched sheep in an almost abstract scene. The first and second version of this painiting sold at and around my very first exhibition.
The intention in all the sheep pictures is to show both the serenity and in other pictures the fragility of their life ... but above all to feel the safety of being looked after by a caring shepherd.