PEMBROKE FARM - late evening - SOLD

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PEMBROKE FARM is the second painting of a scene painted 'plein aire' just a mile from Whitesands Bay, but is so typical of many parts of Wales. What I especially wanted to convey in this second painting of the scene was those magic moments just before the sun goes down when all the colours do something very special. I guess scientifically it is a change in wavelength, but it's not that that thrills me, it's the shimmering colour. Also that wonderful time, indicated here by the shepherd at the gate, of just standing still, listening, knowing 'all is well'. I still do this as often as I can. Just as the light of the day begins to fade, I go outside and wait for the sequence to begin. The light fades, the sheep get quieter, the birds speak to each other from far off. The light has almost gone now, when, suddenly the blackbird makes the final clatter, a clucking sound, very definite and sure -- it says without a doubt 'Good Night'. That very second the blackbird goes quiet the creatures of the night appear ... it's BAT TIME!