The Power of Water

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Look no further than the River Severn to see the power of water. The photo here was taken at the end of a very warm summer. It had been raining before this photograph. It is possible for fishermen to walk into the middle & for children to paddle at its edge. But the real power of water is seen in the old photos of Newtown where flooding was a fairly regular event, shhutting down the town, finally causing folk to abandon thier business.
Closer inspection of the picture of the wall just below the white building on the right, shows a defence to keep the river at bay. The wall is, I would guess some six foot high at least and is another six foot above the river at its base, but there are flood marks on the wall within a few feet of its top!
In flood, the river quickly turns into what looks like a mirror, hardly a ripple on its surface. Suddenly logs, trees and other large objects are to be seen careering at an unbelievable speed.
It is hard to think what the river was like before the building of the dam, some fifteen miles upstream, to hold back the water in a more controlled way. And this is only the start of the Severn, it still have another 350 miles to go.