THE TOWN CLOCK NEWTOWN - acrylic/gouache

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This is one of an increasing series of paintings around the town of Newtown (Drenewydd). this building is probably the best known. The style although containing proportion and realism is still impressionist in essence, concerned with that passing moment in time. The town clock on the Barclay's Bank Building gives that gentle reminder of time as people shop on market day. The particular style of painting used here is an experiment using a mixed media of acrylic & gouache, giving a feeling of painting in oils, can be built up in structure and texture, without the long drying period. Acrylics are changing in so many ways. New produces include inhibiting spays to stop the drying process. Others enable painting to continue until hot air from a dryer is applied. Oil colour itself is being transformed into a more friendly media, especially water based oil paints.
One artist that inspired me in this range of canvases is Ian Houston who paints using three colours plus black and white. He uses acrylic & gouache ... his work can be seen on