Tuesday, 27 February 2007


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Although yesterday was so different from today 'you can feel it'. Yesterday was glorious sunshine, today it's beautiful Welsh wet ... but you can still feel it. The daffodils know it, the false redcurrent is aware and poised, privet, grass are all gettting ready, choirs are preparing, shops are changing their displays and blackbirds have known it for a long time. Birds are flying now in twos, because they can feel it as sheep stand quiet in the fields, listening ... what could it be?

Tuesday, 20 February 2007


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Yes - All Saint's Church, Newtown now has its own website giving details of events etc.
To view the site (still in development) go to http://www.newtownparishes.co.uk/

Monday, 19 February 2007


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This wonderful early dawn seascape is a good example of opening your eyes and seeing what is around you. The seascape is in fact a photograph of the area above a bedroom window, showing where the ceiling touches the wall. I have often looked and enjoyed these changing landscapes during times of illness as a child, and they are still there! Who needs to go abroad when you can have this so close at hand.


Even in the depths of winter there is always something to look at. It is worth taking a camera for a walk on a dark day and taking a series of close-up photos. What happens when you do this is that the object is isolated from its surroundings, causing it to have more impact. This simple bush in the middle of a Newtown on a stormy day produced this blaze of colour.

Saturday, 17 February 2007


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Yesterday we went to Llangurig for a cousins reunion. The weather had already stopped the original meeting by throwing down a total of around 12" of snow the previous week. This day was just wet! - very wet.
After having a wonderful time together we set off home.
I had as a passenger a wonderful 'artist time' thoroughly enjoying the GREYNESS of WALES. I am not sure that an other country has GREY's quiet like Wales. Somehow it is magical. The rain and lowering clouds caused the whole of the landscape to form into layers, one behind the other. Artist's call this important feature 'atmospheric perspective'. The picture above show the beauty of a changing sky but without rain. With the addition of rain a completely new palette appears to be in use. Suddenly purples, greys, grey green, grey red, grey blue all seem to come alive as if they have been sitting there waiting for this moment of glory. Who said GREY is DULL!

Friday, 9 February 2007


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What a surprise - we thought that we had seen the last of the snow yesterday, but this morning it was still snowing. But the big shock is that it is to keep going until early Sunday morning. Our local weather man has a very sad face and has done nothng but apologise. News reports are asking for children to be collected from school. Employers are sending people home as the roads are already beginning to shut down.


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This is more like it ... just imagine opening your bedroom curtains and finding snow like this ... right up to the bedroom windows. We get excited about 1" of the white stuff.
This is a wonderful archive picture of a little Welsh village, but shows clearly a fairly typical scene from around 1982. What incredible fun we used to have making igloos, snowmen, watching Jack Frost on the windows, standing our frozen woolen jumpers on the kitchen floor after bringing them in from off the clothes line. They stood there like frozen scarecrows.
I remember clearly opening the kitchen door only to find the snow in a beautifully smooth surface above my head like a polished snow face.
I am so glad I was born when I was. So many brilliant memories. I know we were poor but we had riches in so many other ways.

Thursday, 8 February 2007

SNOW over the BRYN - acrylic - sold

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We woke up this morning to SNOW! Overnight it has been snowing quite heavily and is still doing so. We are now up to about 5" of snow. The BBC weather site for Newtown promises further snow until at least 3 o'clock this afternoon.
The hills and mountains are not yet visible around the town. It's not worth taking photographs as snow looks best with a little sunshine. So for now I have included a painting of the hill (bryn) from my 'studio' window. When I say studio, I mean a space about 4 foot square! To view my work during painting sessions I have to go to the bathroom and sit on the bath.

Tuesday, 6 February 2007


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During this week we have been treated to the wonders of the night sky. Last night in particular was spectacular. The air was so clean and clear. Even with the strength of a nearly full moon the stars could be seen in all their splendour. The one sadness I have about living where we do is that the street lighting is actually too good - it stops us from seeing the full force of the night sky. Of course I could go for a very short walk and then everything would change.
Up by the monastery just a few miles away from the street light the sky changes to one of hardly being able to pick out the constellations because there are so many stars visible.

Monday, 5 February 2007


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One of the beauties of living where we do, in Powys, is that within just one minute we are in the countryside. Yesterday, having sung at two morning services I came home, had a leisurely Sunday lunch, sat down for a few moments and then we said 'let's go out!' ... as we do these days.
Within no more than about 300 yards we were in the country. The whole journey was one of 'Whoa! - just look at that!'
The hardest part was perhaps not being able to find places to stop and take in the view, a view filled with sheep, soon to lamb. Some lambs came over a month ago ... the tough ones.
The quiet little village shown above on the photograph is LLANERFYL.
The hills had both a cold winter blueness to them together with an almost autumnal golden glow. Every bank seemed to be overflowing with snowdrops. Dandelions gave shots of yellow to grass verges near villages and farms. Everywhere seemed so full of life, busting at the seams.
We went through high mountains, fertile valleys, wooded glades, tiny villages and past crystal clear waters.
What a wonderful way to give the car a workout after its little, short runs.


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