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Yesterday we went to Llangurig for a cousins reunion. The weather had already stopped the original meeting by throwing down a total of around 12" of snow the previous week. This day was just wet! - very wet.
After having a wonderful time together we set off home.
I had as a passenger a wonderful 'artist time' thoroughly enjoying the GREYNESS of WALES. I am not sure that an other country has GREY's quiet like Wales. Somehow it is magical. The rain and lowering clouds caused the whole of the landscape to form into layers, one behind the other. Artist's call this important feature 'atmospheric perspective'. The picture above show the beauty of a changing sky but without rain. With the addition of rain a completely new palette appears to be in use. Suddenly purples, greys, grey green, grey red, grey blue all seem to come alive as if they have been sitting there waiting for this moment of glory. Who said GREY is DULL!