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One of the beauties of living where we do, in Powys, is that within just one minute we are in the countryside. Yesterday, having sung at two morning services I came home, had a leisurely Sunday lunch, sat down for a few moments and then we said 'let's go out!' ... as we do these days.
Within no more than about 300 yards we were in the country. The whole journey was one of 'Whoa! - just look at that!'
The hardest part was perhaps not being able to find places to stop and take in the view, a view filled with sheep, soon to lamb. Some lambs came over a month ago ... the tough ones.
The quiet little village shown above on the photograph is LLANERFYL.
The hills had both a cold winter blueness to them together with an almost autumnal golden glow. Every bank seemed to be overflowing with snowdrops. Dandelions gave shots of yellow to grass verges near villages and farms. Everywhere seemed so full of life, busting at the seams.
We went through high mountains, fertile valleys, wooded glades, tiny villages and past crystal clear waters.
What a wonderful way to give the car a workout after its little, short runs.