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Market Day in Drenewydd is great. Here you realise 'community' still exists. People from all around the area come into town both to shop and to meet. The meeting is probably as important as shopping in these days of supermarkets. On street corners at the same time each week groups of friends talk, often in very fast Welsh. Elderly farmers discuss the state of the weather, remember those who have died and pass on the latest gossip. Gossip is not always nasty but a way of keeping up to date. On one such morning I met over ten people I knew. Fast shopping is not for market day.
Many of the traders are from out of Wales. Accents mix with the trails of cold breath in the sunny street. The fruit and veg is so fresh you can smell the fields. The first treat of the market is the abundance of smells. In the past this would have been even greater as I'm sure mobile phones and electrical goods don't have much of a flavour. Still, thank goodness we still have cheese, fruit, vegetables, bread and coffee mixing with fresh fish and homemade lemonade ... whooa!. Thankfully beefburgers and the rancid smell of old fat is not on sale!