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What once seemed the realm of the weird artist on drugs 'man!' has now become possible for most people with a computer. One of the special joys of digital photography is the ability to 'make a copy' and apply filters without losing the master image. Like most things, having something available doesn't guarantee a good result. But at least with this new form of photography nothing is lost ... just delete and try again. Some of the best filters (ways of altering images) are FREE. If you have a Photoshop product you can add 'PLUG INS'. Type 'plug-ins' into a search engine and sooner or later you will come up with the name Harold Heim. He seems to be the source of activating these wonderful bits of creativity. If you can - HAVE A GO! There are filters to soften, glow, tint, contort, replace colours, turn into complicated black and white, remove parts of an image better than with a sharp scalpel ....... and much more each month.