St Barnabas - near Llanmerewig

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This is the Monastery of St Barnabas the Encourager. St Barnie's is a very small chapel construction that can hold about 10 people for each of its services.
These are held throughout most days of the year at:
8:00 am.
Morning service with a hymn, scripture reading and prayers
12:30 pm.
Midday is in a form of a silent vigil with a closing prayer.
5:00 pm.
Evening Service with scripture readings, prayers and intercessions for the persecuted church and other needs.
9:30 pm.
End of day service (Compline) with a hymn, reading and meditation.
Find out more from the website:
The Monastery is not to be confused with the vast castle-like structures full of monks, surrounded by imposing walls. Here is a very friendly, open resource for those who seek a retreat from the noise and bustle of life. With prior booking it is possible for adults to stay for a day, night, week or more. The accommodation is not luxury but is more than adequate and includes a kitchen for self catering or just making a cup of tea. But there is no need to stay, why not pop in and recharge those tired batteries and perhaps include a service as well. St B's is fully ecumentical in its appeal and function.
Finding this place of quiet, set in beautiful Mid-Wales is like finding a secret. So many peoples lives have been transformed through just being able 'to be' for a short time.
St Barnabas is part of the Worldwide 'Quiet Gardens' scheme.