SUGGESTION ... a wonderful thing!

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This is the scene looking toward Llanmerewig. It comes from a recent painting. It has been said 'If a painting works when photocopied, it's probably OK'. Using our old friend Picasa2 a freebie from Google the painting has had all its colour removed followed by a simplification of the tonal system. It is this base layer, 'the tonal' that dictates whether a piece of work will, 9 times out of 10, succeed. This particular painting has a number of other scenes/paintings underneath. After struggling for days to get the tonal suggestion right I abandoned all hope and started with another subject. The work above took just one hour from start to finish mainly because of its defined tonal shapes. Our wonderful brains are wired to read 'tone'. From even this simplified piece of work it is easy to see, 'Through Suggestion' that the sun is shining. We even know where the sun is. The tone along with scale tell us something about distances involved. The three carrots are actually people talking. I never cease to be amazed at the creative ability of suggestion.