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Sometimes it is just good to paint. You don't always have to know what the end result will be, where it will end up or what colours are best. Go for it - attack the great white canvas that is surprisingly scary!
We have become a people so goal oriented, target focused and five year planned that we just don't enjoy the moment. We are afraid to just launch out - not quite knowing where we are going.
The Celtic saints were known for leaving everything behind and stepping into frail boats and going out into the deep. sometimes they found an island sometimes they didn't find anywhere. Life was an adventure with God. Everything they did from bathing the baby to lighting and damping down the fire was done experimentally rather than with the certainty of 'the plan!'
Life for them was a moment by moment thing - a reaching out for the next moment. Sometimes I'm sure sure they had great joy but the other possibilities didn't stop them. To be inspired by these folk pick up almost any of David Adams books - good easy reads about tough adventures.