Newtown Exhibition

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Well, here we are again, another year has passed by and its time for my next exhibition.
This year most of my work has been centred in or around Newtown itself. As a move away from the past I have ventured into painting many more buildings. This has been a challenge as the perspective in little village towns can keep you oon your toes, but it has been great fun. It has meant working from photographs to stand in the middle of the road would not be too good for my health. Now, thanks to last years exhibition, I have a good digital camera that has enabled me to manipulate the image until it becomes suitable as a starting point for painting. Tones, colours and most of all cropping have been most useful. Artists are sneakily using digital cameras without people knowing. In the past this has been an area of snobbery. In fact some of the impressionists were in effect using the tools of the day, not digital but plate cameras to aid them in their work. They too had the same problem with the establishment.