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As torrents in summer,
Half dried in their channels,
Suddenly rise, tho' the sky is still cloudlesss.
For rain has been falling.
Far off at their fountains;

So hearts that are fainting
Grow full to o'erflowing,
And they that behold it,
Marvel, and know not
That God at their fountains
Far off has been raining!


Having seen the flooding on BBC 24 I grabbed my camera and headed for town. I had expected to see at least something like my faked Picture 1 ... but no, there she was gently passing through Newtown as if nothing had happened ... 'It wasn't me Sir!'.
Picture 2 is the real young Severn after torrential downpours.

Newtown has had its day. Earlier last century people saw the Severn come to visit the shopping centre quite often, until she out stayed her welcome and was given a new route and a high defensive wall. She has not tried it since.