Recently the BBC brought their Roadshow to Drenewydd. We were able to go to the closing session.

From all reports it had been an amazing weekend. It has continued through other meetings and radio show. Our own Father Bryan from the Bryn Mawr monastery of Saint Barnabas the Encourager gave a wonderful interview on Radio Wales, compared by Jamie Owen.

Sian and myself got in the queue for THE TARDIS and finally entered 'the little big space'. This is not unlike the garden we now have. Moving from a long thin Birmingham garden to our Welsh estate was a big change of scale. When I say 'Welsh estate I mean a house on, not in its estate!

I recently created a 'little big space' at the back of the house.
Deep bed gardening is thought to have originated in the monasteries. The next step on is 'the square foot garden' where every square foot of soil is planted intensively. My garden is just 6' x 4' (I have two such beds). The first thing to notice is that the paths between the plants has been removed and because of the depth of soil, the plants are able to push down their roots without competition. So, my little TARDIS garden seems small on the outside but has at present ... sweet corn, french beans, sweet peas, varieties of lettuce, beetroot, rocket, radish, coloured chard, tomatoes and broad beans .... I also planted some old dwarf bean seeds, but they didn't like Dr Who.

Weeding is a dream.

No space is too small .... give it a go!

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