The Passion Flower symbolism
as originally perceived, and then augmented, includes:

The spiraled tendrils - the lash of Christ's scourging
The central flower column - the pillar of the Scourging
The 72 radial filaments - the Crown of Thorns
The top 3 stigma - the 3 Nails
The lower 5 anthers
- the 5 wounds
The Style - the Sponge used to moisten Christ's Lips with Vinegar
The leaves (some species) - the head of the Centurion's Spear
The red stains - Christ's Blood Drops
The Round Fruit - The World Christ came to save
The Fragrance - The Spices prepared by the Holy Women

This form of teaching was common in the early days when the majority of people were unable to read. Sometimes, churches such as the Catholic Church had to use this form of teaching in secret as they forbidden to practice their religion openly. One wonderful example of this is the Christmas rhyme, 'The 12 Days of Christmas' .... but that's another blog for another time.
For now just enjoy the beauty of the Passion Flower.