DOLFOR - acrylic on canvas

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Recently I was asked to join (on a temporary basis) the choir of the Dolfor Young Farmers. This was their first time as a choir ... making remarkable progress over just a few practices.
The choir was taking part in its first Eisteddfod. I had no idea what I was going to meet on the day of the concert. First of all - it started at 8.00am in the morning and secondly we didn't get on till ten to eleven at night. Last year they finished judging the competitions at 2.30am the next morning. Whoa - what an amazing event! ... and this was not the final but only the starting round.
Dolfor (DollVorr in Saesneg) is probably 900 feet above sea level and will therefore catch any snow and frost long before Newtown in its sheltered valley. It would have been very close to the Drover route that crosses the Ceri Ridgeway, all of which is 1000 feet above sea level.