Sunday, 28 October 2007

LLANLLWCHAIARN - acrylic on canvas - SOLD

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St Llwchaiarn's church on the northern side of the River Severn, less than one mile from Newtown, is a red brick structure which was built in 1815 and enlarged in 1864. Inside there are a few 18thC monuments and a carved effigy of 1630, but relatively little has survived from the predecessor of the present building. The large churchyard encapsulates two earlier phases of enclosure, but little in the way of early gravemarkers.
Red brick church built in 1815 in Georgian style on the site of an earlier church; there were further renovations and an eastern chancel and vestry were added in 1864 in Gothic style.
Parts of the following description are quoted from the 1979 publication The Buildings of Wales: Powys by Richard Haslam
The dedication, the form of the churchyard and its proximity to the river indicate beyond reasonable doubt that this is an early medieval foundation.
The church is recorded in the Norwich Taxation of 1254 as 'Ecc'a de Llanlocharen' with a value of œ1 6s 8d. In 1263 part of it was appropriated to the Cistercian nunnery at Llanllugan, and in 1291 the combined value was oe 1 6s 8d.

Sunday, 21 October 2007


We were invited to a mini 80th birthday celebration the other day, and for the first time ever we saw our house from 'another point of view'. We were able to see it as others see it not as we see things. From their viewpoint they are able to see the setting, the fields and sheep all around. It was quite an eye opener.
How many other things are we only seeing from our point of view? A short walk round the corner can make a big difference.

Wednesday, 3 October 2007


What amazing skills this guy has, each day spending time with chalks and quickly drawing on the pavements in town centres. The rain comes and his work is gone. Now - that is dedication. What you are seeing is not real, but an image on a pavement, when viewed from one direction only, becomes a perfect 3D image.


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