BEAUTIFUL GREYS - acrylic on canvas

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Two new paintings - both painted with the same limited palette.
The first : Llanarth ... where Siân was born.
The Second : Pen-Y-Fan
These were experiments using a restricted palette. The main idea was to use what artists called 'grey-ed colours' ... these tend to be colours that have their brilliance removed my mixing-in a colour usually from across the other side of the colour wheel. So ORANGE would be GREY-ED with BLUE.
One of the reasons I have always enjoyed Wales in the wet is because the whole place bursts into a new world of subtle colours. The slate roofs and stone walls explode into a wonderful new range of blues, purples and browns ... all having been grey-ed.
Grey-ed colours are not dull or muddy ... they easily make friends with other colours. But their special trick is to set other colours alight by standing next to them.


Anonymous said…
Again, its astounding how you capture and almost tame colours, Gary. Your paintings are delightful. They're beautiful in fact, a joy to the eyes.
S Culek, Birmingham