Saturday, 19 July 2008


Posted by Picasa This week, we paid our first visit to the cinema in Newtown. The first surprise was the price. The second was to step into the cinema and find it was only 13' x 20' approx ... less than the ground floor of our house. It was like stepping into your own front room to watch a film on a big screen. The first night we saw that 'The Edge of Love' was on. This was filmed in New Quay, Cei Bach beach, West Wales, Sian's home beach as a child.
The cinema has a slightly larger screen for the major film ... it was sold out as it was showing 'Mama Mia'.
The only way to find out what is on is really to walk past each day, and see what is on the board. A number of times I have said 'such and such is on' only to find that it has replaced by the time I have got home. It makes going to the cinema a very spontaneous event. With this in mind the next day was the showing of 'Prince Caspian - The Chronicles of Narnia'. So it was GO or miss it! It was wonderful.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Welsh Summer School - Dolgellau

Posted by PicasaThis week sees another challenge for Welsh Learners. A variety of 'Summer Schools - Ysgol Haf' throughout Wales will seek to teach learners of all levels to move forward towards a mastery of the wonderful Welsh tongue. Mastery may seem a strong word, but that is how it can seem, for it won't give in very easily. There are so many obstacles for the learner. Once the learner tackles pronunciation - which is actually very easy indeed, there are the ever present MUTATIONS. There is not just one set of these monsters, but three, soft, nasal and aspirate. These can transform words beyond recognition until the mighty tutor steps in and reveals their stomping grounds. Oh! - did I mention the endless ways of saying YES & NO? ... that's another story.

The Welsh language has fought for centuries to survive many onslaughts, but it is still stretching forth its hand of culture. Wales is not just a country, but a culture and a language that is still living. If your on holiday during the summer give it go, there is a lot of help available.


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