The Welsh Harp

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Today I sang at a local wedding. During the signing of the registers we were treated to a short recital of Welsh music played on the harp. This has happened a number of times since moving to Wales. It is such a treat.

Y Drenewydd is an important place in the history of the harp for it is the place where until a few years ago, until her death, there lived the last remaining member of a very special Welsh family that became famous for their playing of the harp.

The harp has for centuries been the fairy-like instrument at the back of the orchestra just making 'snow sounds', 'waterfall trickles'. More recently one of my heroes, Catrin Finch, has brought this wonder instrument back into the foreground again, making it once again a fiery, bold, sensitive, sexy instrument having the range of emotions from wild to jazz to romantic.

The painting above tries to express the special Welsh fire that has once again come back to the music platform.


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