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Recently we watched a wonderful video about the long history of Y Drenewydd (Newtown). I had expected just a few poor photographs strung together over a crackly soundtrack. Far from this, it was very informative, with live interviews, enhanced old photos and great movies. The soundtrack was outstanding, telling of the background of a small town that has gone through many and varied re-births.

Following this I was kindly given a superb collection of old photos of Newtown. Two of them, shown above show clearly the days just before Christmas, when the river Severn decided to go shopping also.

Knowing the town as I now do, I am able to judge the height of the water. It must have been very hard for the shop keepers to have repeatedly felt the onslaught of the water in this way.

The flooding was so bad that the EU offered a great deal of money to build very high walls around the town and then later, changes to the reservoir began to regulate the flow of water into the Severn.