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Today I began my first faltering steps through the wood that is 'my family' tree.
I start with nothing and hope in time to find a great deal more.
This will, in time be useful for future generations to draw upon.
I have a memory or two, but come from a time when most people were called 'aunty or uncle'. These aunties and uncles were places where you could go safely after school. Rarely did people know the names of these, or the real family members. They were often referred to as 'family titles'. In Wales this was particularly so, as in 'Grace India ... aunty Grace who had at sometime or another been to India. Uncle Tom might just have been a close friend of the family, or he could have been a real, if distant, uncle.

I will be pleased if I can at least get some accurate branches to hang things on.


I wish you luck in your family tree research. Beware it gets very addictive. I've been working on mine now for over 10 years. One branch goes all the way back to the 1200's.