DAVID TRESS - artist

I recently came across the work of the artist, David Tress in the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in Machynlledd. At first glance, close up, the paintings seem to be a scratched, torn collection of paper, ink and a lot of frantic effort giving the work a very physical look. From this very heavily manipulated work face comes a most amazing delicacy, for, standing back, just a few feet a most wonderful understanding of the subject is revealed, both in nature and in essence, in feeling and in form. Much of the work I have seen is made up of over layered torn sheets of watercolour paper, painted rapidly, then scored heavily with maybe a screwdriver, a knife or some other tool. The process seems to have been repeated many times for in places the work is very thick.

The body of work on his website is just shear magic. I cannot believe that anyone would be untouched by such a body of work.