A Very Strange Thing Happened!

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A strange thing happened yesterday. It was quite surprising. For many years now I have been painting on large canvases equal to 4, 5, 6 times the area of A4. At this scale the whole of the body is used in the expressive work, painting broad strokes across what at times can seem a very big field of white canvas. I have enjoyed doing this very much and would never want to lose this experience. But, since Christmas I have been using a painting area of about 2 credit cards in size. To my surprise, yesterday I found that I could still paint expressively at this near miniature scale. In fact to me they are now even more expressive because of the scale of the texture and feel of the oils. Very soon I forgot I was painting on my lap instead of in front of an easel painting with a few hairs instead of the forest of fibres I am used to.


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