Posted by Picasa I am a sucker for colour charts. Each time a new paint catalogue drops through the letter box (mail box) the first pages I turn to are 'the charts'. They are utterly captivating. You can keep your chocolate boxes --- just give me a colour chart and I will be VERY HAPPY!
[For those who are at this moment preparing chocolate boxes filled with colour charts .for me .. its OK I've got enough thank you.]
The whole subject of colour I think is almost magical. Colours interact, they play strange games with each other when you are not looking, the dull become bright and the bright becomes dull. You mix them together and they surprise you ... who said yellow and blue make green? Finding out about colour is a great adventure.
A new opportunity to observe how colours change is to watch the effects on colour of our new environmentally friendly light bulbs --- you are in for a few surprises! Notice one of your favourite paintings during the day, then come back in the evening!!! This is going to cause artists/painters & painters/decorators a lot of trouble.