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If you see a guy like me standing beside a canal path in the middle of nowhere, in any weather, at any time of the year he may be on an adventure. The adventure in this case is to travel light and still be able to paint in oils.
I have painted in oils 'plein air' (basically 'outside') before, but to do this you need transport standing by fairly close. Also a large canvas plus a large easel, and a large kit as well as a backpack can turn into 'windsurfing of kite flying' at a moments
notice. At the end of the day you most probably half a half finished, sticky oil painting that still needs a lot of work. So, you will have taken with you, a camera, pencils, sketch books, charcoal and a promise to return another day.

With my little 'pochade' ... or 'wooden handbag' as I call it, I am FREE TO ROAM.
My pochade (little sketches) hold up to four 8"x6" wet oil paintings, a palette, all the paints I need, medium, paint brushes and has a wide, comfortable strap. So when I wander in the back of beyond my food, suntan lotion and coffee weighs more than my painting kit.
If you should meet me in the back of beyond please don't say 'my baby sister can do better than that' for I may have been up very early, have walked for a long time and by now be very cold ... but this part of my great adventure.


Pochade.co.uk said…
nice painting and box.
Anonymous said…
That is a nice box! I have just begun to indulge in this joy of Pochade painting!!
So far, only within the confines of my car.... Too timid to face the winds in the wild west of U.S... I enjoy seeing your paintings.
Marilyn, in Idaho