SPRING - for the times they are a changing.

Spring is an amazing time - a tempting time. Spring shouts 'plant me - plant me' then blasts her ice, hail, rain, fog, frost & snow at everything living thing, then a few moments later she turns round and warms your back with glorious sun. This is so well expressed in a pre Raphelite poem:
'Glad that I live am I, that the sky is blue. Glad that I live am I and the fall of dew. After the sun the rain, after the rain, the sun. That is the way of life 'til my days are done .........'
Spring for the artist is a massive challenge for nothing stands still, every moment is another snapshot. What started out as a painting in cold greys can quickly become a riot of colour and skipping lambs.
The paintings above from a few year ago are two spring paintings of the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire UK, one in watercolour, the other acrylic.
We should celebrate change rather than be afraid of it, enjoy it while you can. I think this why I find Summer the least interesting of the four seasons. Summer has a fullness about it, too full to move ... 'I've eaten too much'. The three other seasons are always moving - 'AND NOW FOR MY LATEST TRICK!' Enjoy.


Ben R said…
Hi its Ben here :D

Im noticing spring here in Brum aswell - suddenly daffodils are springing up everywhere and it seems slightly less chilly.

Hope to see you soon
Gary said…
Thank you kind sir.