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As a child I listened (as did everyone else in Britain) to a BBC programmes called 'Have a go Joe'. Joe became the name of the 'man in the street - everyman'. He was encouraged to attempt whatever was offered.
When people say to me ' I wish I could paint like you - I've got no talent at all - I'm rubbish at art' .... I say 'HAVE A GO'. When I am successful, the people run out to the shops and buy boxes of colours, many peripherals, products that I have never heard of. Very soon they either keep buying more or stop altogether. Buying more doesn't mean they paint more. Almost every artist I know will tell you the secret of their success in in painting, painting, painting and then painting some more. This is why I love the 'painting a day artists' many of them are POCHADE artists, producing very quick, vibrant oil sketches, more often than not on site through rain or shine.
The photo above is one that I hope will encourage you to HAVE A GO. It is the palette that I have come down to after many years ... and I LOVE IT!
I use Winsor & Newton - Artisan Water soluble Oils, sometimes with a quick drying medium added.
My three colours plus white are: 1. Titanium White 2. Cadium Yellow Pale 3. Alizarin Crimson 4. Ultramarine Blue.
I have also Viridian Green standing by and Burnt Umber. But buys those another day!
Ask yourself - Is the colour I'm trying to paint basically RED / YELLOW /BLUE. If it is RED is it YELLOWISH or BLUEISH? if it is YELLOWISH add a speck of yelllow. Is it bright or dark? You might have to add some more yellow or a bit of white. If it is darker add a little of the third part of the trinity BLUE.
So start with the BASE colour - move it toward one of the other colours, then adjust it with the final colour.
Other artists have a starter palette that is slightly different - this is where fights break out.
Trevor Chamberlain (an English artist - Englaish weather - four very different seasons + rain) uses Titanium white, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Alizarin Crimson, Viridian, Cobalt Blue, Ultamarine and Burnt Umber. They seems so different but are really variations on the three colour base.
Joyce Washor uses three wonderful palettes (colour selections) called 'the comlimentary palette'. They are RED / GREEN, BLUE / ORANGE, YELLOW / PURPLE. All this is explained in her book.


Hi! This painter in the wilds of Idaho, USA, loves your restricted palette!

I also enjoy watching your new postings. Newest, "Robin Hoods Bay", is so airy, soft, colorful and vital! Thank you for sharing. m