CRESENT GARDENS - DRENEWYDD - oil on canvas - 8"x10"

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Every time I begin to paint I reach, quite early on, a point where I would really love to STOP, leaving the painting unfinished. There is something about the structure at that stage, very often rough, blurred and very tonal. But there is always the feeling that more is needed. How often are artists asked 'HOW LONG DID IT TAKE YOU?'.
It is at this point the struggle begins, for, up until then it has often flowed at a rate of knots, sometimes only minutes. But you can't have a painting that only took 5 minutes to paint - CAN YOU?


rob ijbema said…
knowing when to stop is the hardest,
i often struggle with that too.
ofcourse you can have a 5 min painting...
good to see a fellow welsh plein air painter,lovely stuff!
Lotte . said…
Sounds very true, but I still like the top painting better than the finished one. I like that look. Though I guess, a painting is finished when the artist says it's finished.
Wish I could paint like that.
(just came across your blog by clicking "next blog" on top of the screen, sorry for eh. interrupting?)