CRICCIETH - NORTH WALES - oil on board - 6"x8"

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The beautiful town of Criccieth sits on the North Wales coastline.
One day in February in 2008, when Drenewydd was covered in the most stunning icing sugar (heavy frost) we jumped on the train and went as far as we could in the opposite direction to our normal direction of travel. When we arrived at the coast, the temperature was so different. I remember having to rub my trousers because my legs were burning.
We arrived home with a nice tan, to an icy Drenewydd.


James said…
Hi! Just saw your comment on Carol Marine's blog - very interested in hearing what a painter has to say about the differences between oils and acrylics... I've used acrylics not oil paints ever though I'm almost 40.

You've got wonderful atmosphere in your pieces - very Irishy-looking - you can almost sense the onset of rain (probably coming over the Irish Sea there into Wales ... ) If you look at Californian painters their work seems devoid of humdity in the air ...
Gary said…
Thanks James - I've beaten you on that one. I didn't stop using acrylics until I was 66!, still lots of time left to have a go. If you search back through by blog you will see an item explaining how many colours I now use. With acrylics I had a big 'tidy box' full ...NOW I HAVE JUST 3 colours + white.