A LOOK AT THE TOWN - Dre(Town)Newydd(New)

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For a change I thought I would put a few photos of Drenewydd on screen. It is a great little place. A place to shop, to talk & catch up with people during the week. We have CHARLIES, the shop that has everything, charity shops ...lots of charity shops ...the best, a history that goes back to bronze age settlements, Celtic evidence, a town layout from 1270, a cinema with 44 seats + a huge 2nd cinema of 120 seats(!), a top class art gallery, the River Severn before it becomes a mighty river AND HILLS all around. What more could your ask.


Meg Temple said…
Looks and sounds like a wonderful place. I enjoy your blog a lot!

By the way - I took your advice from a couple of months ago and bought Oil Paintings with Light & Color and it has made a huge difference. Thank you so much for the suggestion.