Posted by PicasaThis is the local monastery, of which we are trustees, a short drive from where we live. It was featured on a local radio road show a few years ago and brought to light a few misconceptions about monasteries. The interview can still be hears on this link ...
The building shown on the first and final photos are of the main house which is thought to possibly be an old 'long house' typical of this area of Montgomeryshire. It is believed that the family would have been squeezed in at the left had side (the windy end) and the cows & other animals at the sheltered end.
The following is a quote from the monastery webpage:
The Monastery is not to be confused with the vast castle-like structures full of monks, surrounded by imposing walls. Here is a very friendly, open resource for those who seek a retreat from the noise and bustle of life. With prior booking it is possible for adults to stay for a day, night, week or more. The accommodation is not luxury but is more than adequate and includes a kitchen for self catering or just making a cup of tea. But there is no need to stay, why not pop in and recharge those tired batteries and perhaps include a service as well. St B's is fully ecumenical in its appeal and function.Finding this place of quiet, set in beautiful Mid-Wales is like finding a secret. So many peoples lives have been transformed through just being able 'to be' for a short time.
St Barnabas is part of the Worldwide 'Quiet Gardens' scheme.
Dorothy, Bryan's husband is an accomplished artist working in oils, pastels & watercolours.