CEI BACH - near NEW QUAY - West Wales

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CEI BACH is a wonderful little (bach) beach in West Wales near the more popular New Quay, with long stretches of sand and more often than not NO PEOPLE. It is a place to find wonderful pebbles, driftwood after storms and if you know where to poke, minerals & gems within certain stones.
I quickly opened my pochade and set to work within moments of arriving, much to the amazement of others who watched the finished sketch develop quickly before their eyes. This kind of pressure is good, with people talking and asking questions while you paint. I wonder whether it takes your mind off painting for a moment or two while the rest of your brain just gets on with it.


I love seeing the photo (relatively lifeless...), and your interpretation of the place (lively, beautiful and dynamic!)!

I always like checking in to see what you are doing.

Marilyn, in Idaho, U.S.A.