NEW QUAY HARBOUR - oil on canvas - 40x40cm

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I have have decided to stop before the FIDDLER starts to play with smaller and smaller brushes.

Well, this has been a very good challenge. I am not so used to coastal light, everything becomes very high key, high contrast, 'full on' statements of colour. I can see why the Scottish painters got so excited after painting in Glasgow and then going to the French coast from dull greys to vivid colours.
One of Wales great treats is to give you both ... the greys, purples, the moody and the flamboyant colours of summer ... with variations for the other three seasons.
This is such a lovely little Welsh Harbour ... as I have said before, the haunt of Dylan Thomas, the poet and drinker.
Soon this little place will, once again, be left to its inhabitants and all will be quiet once more. Thanks be to God!
P.S since the initial posting of this painting I have corrected some perspective anomalies ... I woke up and knew exactly what to do ... two minutes and it was done.