WORK IN PROGRESS - NEW QUAY HARBOUR - 40cm x 40cm - oil on canavs

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For those perhaps unfamiliar with the process I thought I would include this photo combining the initially amended photograph, overlayed with the initial tonal painting. The tonal layout can provide a helping hand in creating a painting rather than just copying the photo. 'Tone' is the black & whiteness of the sketch (here of course it is brown and white ... much easier to work with).
When this layer has dried, a little colour can be overlayed transparently or colour can be overlayed that has the same tonal darkness/lightness. It really great fun, and for me very often the most exciting part of painting. This work is 40cm x 40cm, this stage just taking about 10 minutes to complete. The next stage is to potentially mess it up!!!!
You can achieve a similar result by smudging willow charcoal over the paper / canvas to give you the middle tone ... then with a rag or tissue rub out the highlights, finally adding more charcoal for the darker tones of the work. HAVE A GO!