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We have been quite busy over the last few weeks. Getting near a brush has not been easy, and some of the days have been dark. So, to keep my hand in I decided to reach deep into my photos from 2003 and have a little play with a great piece of photo freeware LIGHT BOX PLUS IMAGE EDITOR. It is so good I went for the professional version after trying it out for a month.
As a painter I do not see a separation between photography and the canvas, both are able to feed the other.
The three shots here have been painted for centuries by artists of all 'schools'. Staines and Robin Hood Bay in Yorkshire (England) are very atmospheric places. Some artists have painted practically nothing but the one bay.


Gary, The photo at the top is very beautiful and is very similar to places along the Maine and Canadian coast. It is great to live in a place that inspires you to paint everywhere you look!