Saint Teilo's Church - Folk Museum of Wales

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The National Folk Museum of St Fagan's - outside Cardiff is a truly wonderful place, mapping the history of Welsh habitations from stone age to present day. The museum continues to grow as old buildings become available. Perhaps the most important addition to the site over the last years has been the church of St Teilo.
The first reference to a building on the mouth of the Llwchwr estuary is found around 1100. A small, stone church is described – much smaller than the church that would be moved, stone by stone, to St Fagans from that very site, almost nine hundred years later.
A carved stone found inside the church walls has been dated by experts to be between from 600-800 C.E., suggesting that Christian worship had been taking place there for a very long time.
Over the years, as the population grew in the area – which meant more worshippers - and funds – the church was rebuilt, and extended, and the interior redecorated.