Saturday, 28 November 2009


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The Crescent Christan Centre - Y Drenewydd - acrylic on canvas - For Sale!!!
This lunchtime we went along to the local Theatr Hafren to attend the prize giving for the latest OPEN EXHIBITION 2009 only to be greeted at the door by someone saying 'go in quickly - you might be surprised'. Inside the door I was greeted by 'Oh, we are glad to see you! - you have won first prize (£250)'. Following the press photos we finally got to see the other work. Brilliant - over one hundred really good pieces of work. This year the range of techniques had expanded ... even to a small piece of stained glass.
I was surprised because I won the second prize at the same event in 2007.
So next time you're going to something early to watch the prize giving don't be surprised to find its over - and you are the winner!!!
We can't stop chuckling.


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The FIRST SNOW settled this morning on the tops, high above the town. These photos are to the right of the skyline depicted in Welsh Farm No.9. After the unseasonal warmth and wetness of the last four weeks or more we seem to be back to normal.

Monday, 23 November 2009

WELSH FARM No.9 - oil on canvas - 10x12"

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I so enjoyed myself with this painting. It may look dark and gloomy but to me it is full of life. I am feeling on top of the world!
This year during my course on 'The Welsh Landscape' I came across so much writing about the assumed state of mind of certain artists. Often the London critic, writing from the city said the artist was depressed as can be seen from his use of 'such & such colour'. But these are the colours of the landscape in Wales at times! I have calmed down now, but at the time I think I could have taken on all the critics and columnists all at once.
The elements of this painting, used creatively, are taken from the view out of my studio/borrowed bedroom window towards Dolfor.
[There is a problem with dark colours, as the light from the windows creates a sheen on the surface like a mirror.]

Sunday, 22 November 2009

WELSH FARM No.8 - oil on canvas - 10x12"

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Painting this Welsh Farm from imagination is probably drier than being there. The oncoming storm, or heavy shower is so common in this wonderful country - but so is the sudden burst of sunshine turning a grey dark field into a sheet of gold.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

WELSH FARM No.7 - oil on card - image size 3.5x5.5" approx.

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I enjoyed this little struggle, against dark changing light outside - yet more rain and wind! I have decided to paint the mount roughly, in one of the colours from the painting, as an experiment. Because it was fun painting this, I may paint it again using the basic shapes as a starting point.


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Both in the UK and particularly here in Wales, it has been very wet and particularly windy for quite a few weeks, with records being broken for rainfall. But, I notice, the DAILY PAINTERS have kept going. I have chosen to develop an idea from my sketchbook. On this occasion I have decided to go to a smaller size for a change. Who knows what might happen.

Saturday, 14 November 2009


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Soon I shall say goodbye to two old friends - one called WELSH 'Self Sufficient', the other WELSH 'Hanging On'. I am glad to say that they are going to a new home in South Wales where both these things have been felt. I enjoyed trying to paint a picture that showed the struggles and joys of remote Welsh communities that sometimes have to just 'hang on' until things improve. Communities have struggled with war, mining, lack of work, tragedies, changes in farming rules & regulations, the shutting of schools, community halls, post offices and doctors, the coming of the big supermarket bulldozers ... and yet they have held tight to precious things.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

WELSH FARM No.6 - oil on board - 6x8"

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The recent weather here in Drenewydd (Newtown) has been extremely changeable, with periods of darkness coming in the middle of my painting time. I have had to rely on memories of weather and its effect on clouds, walls and scenes. The weather here at this moment is perhaps influencing the apparent storm soon to hit this remote imagined rural farm.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Another ROBIN another place

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ROBIN - beloved friend

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Here in the Wales as in the rest of the UK, the ROBIN is a welcome visitor to our garden. I say visitor, he hasn't actually gone away, but lies low until he has his strong red plumage, suddenly appearing fully in October.
These bright red birds can become quite bold. One of our relations had one that frequently came into the house and sat upon a line hung up for drying washing. Gardeners will quickly become aware of a red flash as they dig the soil over ...and then see the robin seated in splendour upon his spade. Beloved friend.
This one followed me along a woodland walk. Each time I stopped I was aware of being watched.

WELSH FARM No.4 - 6x8" - oil on board

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Thursday, 5 November 2009

WELSH FARM No.2 - oil on board - 6x8"

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This changed into a night scene as I painted. It may have been suggested by the sky turning black as if it were night outside. The rain fell in sheets before the sun came out again.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

WELSH FARM No.1 - 6x8" - oil on board

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This hopefully is the first in a series of Welsh Farmhouses. I love their isolation and the felling of 'having been here a long time'. They come in all shapes and sizes and yet, to me, have a sameness, a bond. I think it speaks of 'home' and of toughness, a retreat from all that Welsh weather can throw at it.


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