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Soon I shall say goodbye to two old friends - one called WELSH 'Self Sufficient', the other WELSH 'Hanging On'. I am glad to say that they are going to a new home in South Wales where both these things have been felt. I enjoyed trying to paint a picture that showed the struggles and joys of remote Welsh communities that sometimes have to just 'hang on' until things improve. Communities have struggled with war, mining, lack of work, tragedies, changes in farming rules & regulations, the shutting of schools, community halls, post offices and doctors, the coming of the big supermarket bulldozers ... and yet they have held tight to precious things.


Claudia Finn said…
These remind me of the verse about building your house on the rock foundation of Jesus Christ or sinking sand. Extremely wonderful!!Big YEA
Rachelll said…
These are amazing! I love the second one especially..

Looks like the whole thing is moving :)