ROBIN - beloved friend

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Here in the Wales as in the rest of the UK, the ROBIN is a welcome visitor to our garden. I say visitor, he hasn't actually gone away, but lies low until he has his strong red plumage, suddenly appearing fully in October.
These bright red birds can become quite bold. One of our relations had one that frequently came into the house and sat upon a line hung up for drying washing. Gardeners will quickly become aware of a red flash as they dig the soil over ...and then see the robin seated in splendour upon his spade. Beloved friend.
This one followed me along a woodland walk. Each time I stopped I was aware of being watched.


Very pretty, our Robins are bigger and have a more muted chest. This one almost looks like a Titmouse (without the tuft). We have mostly Seagulls here, Crows, Ravens and Bluejays. Hummers in the warm weather, but not many song birds.