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The Crescent Christan Centre - Y Drenewydd - acrylic on canvas - For Sale!!!
This lunchtime we went along to the local Theatr Hafren to attend the prize giving for the latest OPEN EXHIBITION 2009 only to be greeted at the door by someone saying 'go in quickly - you might be surprised'. Inside the door I was greeted by 'Oh, we are glad to see you! - you have won first prize (£250)'. Following the press photos we finally got to see the other work. Brilliant - over one hundred really good pieces of work. This year the range of techniques had expanded ... even to a small piece of stained glass.
I was surprised because I won the second prize at the same event in 2007.
So next time you're going to something early to watch the prize giving don't be surprised to find its over - and you are the winner!!!
We can't stop chuckling.


Lynne said…
Congratulations! This seems like the perfect time to thank you for sharing your beautiful paintings and photographs. I live far away from Wales now, but still miss it, so it's a treat to come to your blog to see what's going on.

This is quite an amazing painting! I can see why you won! I have just been sitting here looking at it for quite a while. It has so much movement from shape and color, but it is not overwhelming. It has a very nice feeling about it. Congratulations!
Claudia Finn said…
I so love the style of your paintings!! I love the layers of color and paint!!
susan jenkins said…
Oh how I love this! It could be a Christmas card! Beautiful painting!

Beautiful color!!
cathsheard said…
One word - wow!
Okay, can't help myself - the colours are fantastic. Lovely lovely work.