WELSH FARM No.9 - oil on canvas - 10x12"

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I so enjoyed myself with this painting. It may look dark and gloomy but to me it is full of life. I am feeling on top of the world!
This year during my course on 'The Welsh Landscape' I came across so much writing about the assumed state of mind of certain artists. Often the London critic, writing from the city said the artist was depressed as can be seen from his use of 'such & such colour'. But these are the colours of the landscape in Wales at times! I have calmed down now, but at the time I think I could have taken on all the critics and columnists all at once.
The elements of this painting, used creatively, are taken from the view out of my studio/borrowed bedroom window towards Dolfor.
[There is a problem with dark colours, as the light from the windows creates a sheen on the surface like a mirror.]