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Last night we were able to go to our second PLYGAIN (sounds like plug-eye-n) in the Mid-Wales town of Llanfyllin. We went along with an independent research broadcaster, providing material for a BBC series tracing the Christmas Traditions in various parts of the United Kingdom, seeking to show how local areas are trying to keep alive some of their wonderful heritage, traditions going back as far as Medieval times, and maybe further still.
The PLYGAIN might seem to be a little like a carol concert, but is really a time of Thanksgiving and Praise to God for making Himself known to us through Jesus. It is not the same as the Eisteddfod with its strong competition and hard judging. Plygain singing is a sharing of carols held within families for hundreds of years. There is lot more that could be said, but not here. If you ever get the chance to go to one - then be brave, and go. Be prepared for a very long evening!