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Just to keep my blog up and running ...for there is nothing quite so dull as a non-changing blog/website that sits like 'cold gravy on a plate, never moving'.
These three paintings from just a few years ago show how colourful snow can be, needs to be, or, in fact is. To the non painter snow can seem like 'a blob of grey stuff', but look again.
The final painting shows that magical time for me when the little village is still lit, it has rained and the cars make a special sound, very slightly 'slushy'. Against the Christmas white of the tiny shops, the old yellowing lamps spill warmth into the streets.
If you ever get the chance to read Dylan Thomas' 'A Childs' Christmas in Wales' then you will understand more fully the magic of snow.


Micah said…
Hi Gary, I really like your work. The yellows of this work make an otherwise gloomy day seem inviting. Well done!